PANASONIC PC18DB4H Ceiling Cassette Unit Air Conditioner (2HP)


Mini Cassette Type
18,400 Btu/h 5.40kW
4-Way Airflow System
LCD Wireless Remote Controller
Random Auto Restart
Removable Washable Panel

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With the ECONAVI mono sensor, the air conditioner can detect wasted energy and automatically select an optimum energy operation based on two factors which are low activity detection and absence detection. This PANASONIC 2HP CASSETTE TYPE AC gives you energy saving up to 20%. When you are relaxing while watching television, the air conditioner?s operation usually runs at a constant temperature setting. Using high-tech sensors and precise control programs, it analyses room conditions and adjusts cooling power accordingly. It is smart enough to locate and operate in all the right places to give you better energy savings with the help of Energy Charge System. You can also use the Heat storage unit during cold weather which features Non-Stop heating and fast heating function   Maximum efficiency and comfort with Econavi sunlight detection. Nanoe-G air purifying system is more powerful airflow that quickly reach the desired temperature Defrost operation time and how low room temperature falls differ depending on the environment in which the unit is being used (how insulated and airtight and room is), operation conditions, and temperature conditions. Output air temperature falls during defrost operation. How low room temperature falls differs depending on the environment in which the unit is being used (how insulated and airtight and room is), operation conditions, and temperature conditions. In environments where a lot of frost accumulates, heating may stop during defrost operation. The manufacturer has always offered its customers the most efficient Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners. Now it has taken a step forward and presents a control solution taking advantage of the latest Cloud Technology to enable you to manage your climate system from anywhere in the world. Offering the same functions as if you were at home, start/stop, Mode Operation, Set Temperature, and Room Temperature etc. Experience the new, advanced functionality provided by Panasonic to achieve the best comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption. Now you can purify living spaces more effectively with Nanoe-G. Using nano-technology fine particles, harmful micro-organisms are removed from the air you breathe. But what about the ones found on furniture and other surfaces? Amazingly, they can also be deactivated by these particles. And now, when you switch off your air conditioner, Nanoe-G will even deactivate the micro-organisms in the filter. So you can enjoy complete peace-of-mind with a living environment that is fresher and cleaner.

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