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The new Panasonic Split AC 2HP – UV18UKD-3 is a modern air conditioner.
All our Panasonic appliances and electronics comes with 6 months warranty that can be claimed easily by calling our Customers service desk.

Few Things to consider when buying an Airconditioner
Check whether the AC you are considering to buy Has Copper or Aluminium coil. Copper coils ACs are a bit more expensive but are durable and last longer in our weather condition

Check if the AC has support for Low voltage supply. For instance, LG AC’s called Gencool can support small generators, hence you will not need high capacity generators in order to power your air conditioners.

Check whether the Air conditioner comes with AVS protection. AVS is automatic voltage switcher which protects your appliance from voltage surge or supplies. With AVS feature on your AC, you may not need to buy additional surge protector in order to use your AC.

Check whether you have enough space before you decide if you will be using a split AC, Floor AC, Ceiling or Cassette ACs. All of Split AC, Cassette or Ceiling AC help you optimize space. Floor AC is for large settings but comes with their own advantages.

Artcool ACs are sleek with their design and a bit more expensive. With Artcool designs, you may have a large picture of yourself or family photo directly on the AC.

Some additional features on ACs available in Nigeria include features on AC to kill mosquitoes, some come with air purifiers, while some others come packaged with built-in inverters.

One of the most important deciders among Nigerians when it comes to buying electronics is also the brand name. Many people are comfortable with certain brands and are not willing to risk trying other brands.

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