Midea side-by-side Refrigerator HC-671WEN with water dispenser


Display Type: LCD
Water dispenser
Energy efficiency: A +
Noise level: 43 dB
Net total capacity: 488 liters
Refrigerator capacity: 334

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Generous storage space
It has a more generous storage space, with a capacity of 488 l. Compartments give you freedom in organizing your food, thanks to its utility-oriented design and functionality so you can easily store as much as you can great food.

Combina is equipped with the NO FROST function, which will help you no longer defrost the machine, saving you valuable time. Vegetable bags or different meat will no longer have ice deposits, they will not stick together and you will be able to see the contents more easily.

Maximum prospetime, minimum consumption
Say goodbye to high electricity consumption. Midea refrigerator combines space management with high conservation performance. It is ideal for maintaining fresh food, without the need for electricity bills, consuming up to 20% less resources due to the A + energy class.

Water dispenser The
convenient, useful, water dispenser included in a refrigerator is a more and more popular option in recent times. This is the ideal solution for water cooling in summer hot days when we forget to put water in the refrigerator or ice in the freezer and we have to go to the store to buy it.

“Super Cooling”
function The “Super Cooling” function is useful when we want to grow the food you buy in a shorter time. At times when the refrigerator is empty or almost empty and we fill it with a large amount of food, in order to speed up the cooling process we can use the function to homogenize the right temperature in a much shorter time than a standard setting.

When the fast cooling mode is set, the refrigerator temperature will be set automatically to 2 ­ C. If we disable the mode, the refrigerator temperature will automatically return to the level it was before activation.

“Holiday” Mode
This functionality is extremely useful when we leave for long periods at home and we do not need to cool the food from the top of the refrigerator. Once the module is switched on, the freezer temperature will be set automatically and the refrigerator will be turned off and the shutter icon will be on.

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